The idea

Drone rescue Systems

VectorSave™ rescue systems

We have seen a tremendous growth in use of multicopters starting from commodity products all the way to high end industrial solutions. 

Today’s operation of drone is already regulated in some countries and we can expect more requirements for safe operation in near future. After seen big multicopters nearly hitting skier in world cup and learning from many minor accidents and injuries we wanted to add our special skills to make safer drones. VectorSave™ was born to help to operate drones in a better way. VectorSave™ will not only minimize collatelar damage but it will also protect your investment. We also anticipate better rates on your liability insurance if you use proper precaution in your drone.

So we come a long way where we started from. In the beginning we made drones for industrial partners for longer flight times and more demanding purpose built style. Only best materials and components were used. Starting from our legacy line of drones to Vector Vision design had unique combination of winning features. Compact and rigid body is simple and has only few parts. Simplicity means reliability and easy maintenance.

Same principle is now conveyed to our current products that aim for safer skyes and more applications. Today we proudly make worlds best and lightest drone parachute rescue systems and we will soon release payload systems that are state of art and lightest available in the market.

Antti Taskinen, Designer and Founder of VectorSave™