VectorSave10 ™ for Autel Evo II

Drone rescue Systems

VectorSave10 ™ for Autel Evo II

VectorSave is proud to announce that our best of breed products are soon available for other drones beyond the DJI product line.

The VectorSave10 ™ will soon be available for the Autel Evo II drone. This is our first official non DJI drone rescue system.

In the past our focus has been on DJI products and open systems suitable for custom drones and fixed-wing aircrafts. We are currently planning to further expand our product line beyond these to other drone manufacturers, as demand for rescue systems grows day by day. We want to offer the best and safest solutions on the market for operators no matter what kind of a drone you are flying.

The VectorSave10 ™ system for the Autel Evo II is now available for pre-order, if you are interested email us at

For inquiries about custom drone rescue safety solutions email us at

~ Jonne Rönkkö, VectorSave

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