VectorSave™️25 EASA-level approval

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VectorSave™️25 EASA-level approval

VectorSave™️25 is a parachute platform for all time first EASA-level nationally approved parachute integration with GeoDrone6 UAV by Nordic Drones.

Approval was granted by Traficom (local authority in Finland under EASA) on 02.02.2022.

Operator that applied for permission is Geotrim Oy, provider of topology and mapping solutions and also reseller for Nordic Drones.

The permission allows drones to fly over populated areas and over people.

Why is this interesting for us all? The flight controller in GeoDrone6 is CubePilot Orange and VectorSave™️25 is from us (Caresol Oy, Finland)

Europe has been one of the areas where things require very strict documented performance before permissions are granted. Approval above is operator level which means drone operators must apply for it. It is not part of the product yet. However it means that once it is approved, similar applications can be successful.