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Price increase notification

Price increase notification Due to worldwide shortage on many electronic components due to pandemic.10% increase on all system pricing will be effective on our webshop on first of december. ~ VectorSave team

VectorSave™ 10 for Mavic 3 – Parachute System release

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Autel Evo II series user manual

We’ve just released the first version of the user manual for the VectorSave™ 10 Autel Evo II series. The manual can be found on our Google Drive We’ve also release a tutorial video on how to mount the system on the drone.

VectorSave™ 40 M300

VectorSave™ 40 is now available for the DJI M300. It’s suited for M300 with a maximum takeoff weight of 8kg. If your MTOW is over this you should use the VectorSave™ 50 for M300 VectorSave™40 M300 is total solution for DJI Matrice 300 series. VectorSave™40 is based on patented ultra light launcher that uses loaded…
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New updated DJI m210 manual

We’ve updated our user manual for the DJI m210 series. The new updated manual has more pictures explaining better how to mount the system on to the drone. The manual can be found here on our manuals Google Drive folder. We have also made a tutorial video which can be found on our YouTube channel.

VectorSave10 ™ for Autel Evo II

VectorSave is proud to announce that our best of breed products are soon available for other drones beyond the DJI product line. The VectorSave10 ™ will soon be available for the Autel Evo II drone. This is our first official non DJI drone rescue system. In the past our focus has been on DJI products…
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VectorSave™ oversized parachute drop test

We did a parachute drop test with a ~500g drone equipped with a VectorSave™ 10 for the DJI Phantom series, the Phantom 4 drone weighs approximately 1400g. The parachute was grossly oversized for our test drone so it ended up catching wind and drifting far away.This is why you should never use an oversized parachute.

Updated user manuals

We are updating all user manuals for DJI and autonomos products. Some manuals are still being worked on and aren’t completely finished. All of our manuals will be available on Google Drive, there you will always find the most up to date versions. Product tutorial videos can be found on our YouTube channel

VectorSave featured on a Spanish news website

VectorSave10™ appears in the Spanish La Nueva Espanã newspapers video seen used by the Spanish polices DJI Phantom 4 drone. You can watch the video on La Nuevas website #dji#djiphantom4pro#djiphantom#djiphantom4#lanuevaespaña#droneparachute#droneparachutes#dronesafety#vectorsave#vectorsavesystems#vectorsave10

New VectorSave launcher size

We are getting ready to launch VectorSave™40 – the new size of parachute system for 7kg to 9kg of total take off weight multicopters. Close to seven kg systems will land quite gently with this ultra light system when parachute is deployed. #droneparachutes #droneparachute #dronesafety #vectorsavesystems #vectorsave #vectorsave40